Blueprint to Tobias and his quirks

Last week I visited the first edition of The Lead Developer Conference in London. What a trip as I decided to save some money and visit a club instead of going to a hotel. My timetable was: Standing up at 3am on Friday, Train at 4am to the airport, Flight at 6am to London, Conference starting at 9am, Clubbing from 10pm, back to the airport at 3am with a crappy nightbus, Flight at 6am to Frankfurt, in bed at 11am on Saturday. Sleeping two hours and than my dog Lila wanted to get out. But I had finally some time in the afternoon to watch the final season of Dexter. And if you are a huge sports fan, high is the chance you’d do really well playing sports betting games via UFABET.

The conference was quite good, a good mixture of people related and technical talks. Maybe a little bit too high level for someone who’s already working a while as a teamlead. But still good to know you’re on the right path with your ideas and tools. And I also picked up some new ideas. One of them I want to introduce now.

Luv Levesque introduced a blueprint of his quirks to let colleagues know from the beginning what he values most and how he defines top performer. Usually you don’t know exactly what your new boss or just your colleagues are expecting from you. That’s very often a difficult time as you don’t know if you communicate too much or too less. If it’s good that you’re keeping all balls in the air or should focus on one. When are you allowed to ask a colleague for help? I liked that idea a lot as I currently know that situation from myself, and as an introvert it can go on quite a while to figure out all quirks of your colleagues.

That’s the reason why I now created my own blueprint, which is currently just a very first version and I’m still not sure if this is the perfect list of quirks I should use and even publish. But it’s a start and Luc has in his template already a version count prepared.

You’re now interested what are my quirks and values? I tried to keep it small. The template is prepared for 18 different values, but I think it should fit on one page. I also wanted to add things like independence in work, mastery or my network. There are so many things that are important, but you have to focus. 😉

Here you go to my first version of Blueprint to Tobias and his quirks.

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