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When well planned, travel can be about so more than just checking things off the bucket list. When travelling to other countries, there is a lot to remember. Open up to new opportunities – stay in a nearby homestay, volunteer for a voluntary charity, get to know the people and culture of each new area you visit – and you’ll find that you’ll come home with not just wonderful memories, but also a wealth of new skills.

What Is the Best Way to Prioritize?

When travelling, one must decide what is important and what can be left behind. One can’t fit anything in just one suitcase, and anyone can’t always afford to choose the most convenient mode of transportation or stay in the most comfortable hotel. In a regular basis, people will have to make tough choices and learn to priorities what is most important. Being able to handle the time and money in this manner is an important ability for school, work, and everyday life.

Historical heritage sites which one must visit

Some of the most amazing ancient places were lost or concealed from the planet for decades, even millennia, submerged under jungles, deserts, or farmer’s fields all over the world. Rumors of abandoned cities or chance findings by ordinary people have led to incredible discoveries that are now on display for the world to see. UNESCO has designated many famous heritage sites as World Heritage Sites.

    • Machu Picchu, Peru – Located well above the Urubamba River in lush, rugged scenery, Machu Picchu is one of the most beautiful archaeological sites in the country. This Inca city cascades down sheer mountain walls on both sides, with terraced stairs disappearing over cliff edges into the valley below.
    • Giza Pyramids, Egypt – The Pyramids of Giza, just outside Cairo, are a surreal sight emerging from the desolate desert terrain. They are one of the world’s most historic locations. The Sphinx, standing guard nearby and just as stunning, gazes blankly out over the ground.
    • Bagan, Myanmar – Thousands of ancient temples and stupas sprawl through the countryside in Bagan, where the outline of temple spires against the sky in the early morning or late afternoon is a magical sight.
    • Angkor Wat in Cambodia– Angkor Wat is the world’s largest religious monument, situated in a unique jungle environment not far from Siem Reap. The Angkor complex, though, is more fascinating than its sheer size. The site was founded by the Khmers in the 12th century.
    • The Great Wall of China, which winds its way through woods and mountains for nearly 6,000 kilometers, is an undeniable bucket list destination that has long inspired great adventures. This vast wall, which connects battlements and watchtowers, was constructed over decades

Traveling in vacations will open individual’s mind to fresh thoughts and offer useful learning opportunities; however, how one incorporate what they learn is entirely up to the traveler. If someone wants to learn a foreign language, discover new ways to handle life, or actually become a more positive person, the experiences learned through the travels will be there to assist in the future.

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