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It was a very exciting ride the last 4 years, when I got my first contact with Magento, to today. And I’m sure I still don’t know all of it, is that even possible? Probably I’m currently near the famous Pareto-border (80/20-rule). Getting an absolute expert in a topic is definitely an interesting goal, but there are enough other 80 percents in other areas, which can be claimed faster and will support my learning journey even more. So it looks like I won’t do much professional Magento work in the future, except of some consulting, as the other offered opportunities are more exciting.

Besides that I’m really uncertain about the future of Magento, which is definitely worth another post at another time. 😉

Still, I love the Magento community and will definitely keep connected by visiting the usergroups, hackathons and other events. That was definitely the most open community I’ve ever met, got open arms from most of the people, good discussions even about controversial topics and made friends! This is the reason why I’ll still visit Magento events and luckily even been able to give some talks there.

So the first trip will bring me to Vegas in April for Magento Imagine. I’ve been in Vegas before, but not for that event and really looking forward to it. To be honest I don’t expect ground-breaking news, but chatting to old colleagues and especially meeting new people. Lately it was a bit of a problem to learn new people on events in Europe, as you already know so many, that 2 or 3 days are almost enough to talk to each of the old people only once. Besides that an introvert also needs some time to rest between all that small-talks, so no time for new conversations.

Second I was very surprised that I got accepted for two talks at Meet Magento in May. Especially as they’re non-technical talks, focusing on social skills. On the same side I feel sorry for all the other great speakers who didn’t get a slot.

The first one will cover leadership, where I recently learned even more than in Magento. I don’t wont to spoil too much, but Notes on company culture is definitely a good related read.

On the second day (note to myself: get off the after-party before 4am this year) the other talk is about communication. Especially between developers and project managers, but can also be extended to customers. Imho that’s a topic which is not taught enough in school and university, but especially if you want to take more responsibility in a project, it can get even more important than your coding or Excel-skills. If there’s time left, I would also like to extend the talk with a non-technical introduction to DDD and how it can help to improve that collaboration by bringing the experts of the technology- and business-domains together, to create an ubiquitous language.

Enough text without images. I’ll leave in two days to Saalbach for another week of snowboarding. The weather forecast is sunny, so don’t expect too many updates in here, but some nice photos afterwards.

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