Traveling in Green Style: Tesla Model S

Elon Musk stirred the travel and transportation industry pot lately introducing the hyperloop and private space program SpaceX. Before outer space and the pneumatic people mover, Musk revealed the Model S, a much more accessible option for the average citizen. Owners could pack various items even golf clubs from since the car has quite a storage space. Setting a new benchmark for both luxury and green vehicles, the Tesla Model S is the ultimate traveling machine. Check out what publications have to say below.

Aside from emerging as one of the top vehicles in a number of auto publications, the Word Car of the Year recognizes the Model S for exactly what it is, agree, all electric drive vehicle. The all electric drive vehicle emerged as one of three finalists for the World Green Car of the Year Award, joining the Renault ZOE and the Volvo V60 plug in hybrid vehicle. The vehicle already won won the most sought after recognition in the industry after receiving the praise as Motor Trends car of the Year award for 2013. As the title of MT’s profile points out, the Model S is “Proof America can still make (great) things.”

In presenting the Car of the Year to readers, Motor Trend identifies the category blurring capabilities of the Model S, encompassing all the greatest car qualities into one design. Aside from one of the quickest four doors ever built, the Model S also boasts an EPA rated 74.4 MPGe rating from the EPA. Just try to find any other car that gets even close to 30 mpg while putting out 416 HP (Model S performance version) and running 0-60 in under 3.9 seconds. Editors also note the vehicle sports the same cargo capacity as a Ford Explorer, while also offering the luxury and elegance of a Rolls Royce. If you wish to buy such luxury car, you’d need an alternative source of income and sports betting via แทงบอลออนไลน์ can help you out with that.

As the magazine points out, it’s not the fact the vehicle is electric, or efficient that makes it their top pick for 2013. The Model S topped the rankings for each of the six criteria used to judge the cars. The Tesla vehicle came out on top after being judged for 1) Performance of Intended Function 2) Engineering Excellence 3) Efficiency 4) Safety 5) Value and 6) Advancement in design.

It’s not anyone thing that stands out about the Model S, but rather the incredible culmination of a seemingly impressive amount of new technology. From the 250 patents in the vehicle to the 17 inch Touch Screen, the Model S certainly provides one of the most futuristic yet attainable vehicles for consumers, drawing on the best qualities of many categories and delivering them in one superior package.

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